The $METANIA token is the core economic unit of the Metaniagames ecosystem.

Supply is reduced by burning, value accrued through transactions and data utilization, and demand is driven through the continuous development of a flourishing ecosystem.
Network rewards incentivize workers to develop platforms and marketplaces on METANIA. Revenue generation from these platforms is funnelled back into the network with 25% of all revenue being used to buy and burn $METANIA. Demand is increased by the utility of diversely emerging marketplaces and equitable access to data monetization for all network participants. Value is captured through the monetary to non-monetary transactions facilitated by the protocol.
$METANIA tokens are BEP-20 tokens designed to become the core in-game currency for Metaniagames Unchained. Similar to existing in-game currencies, $METANIA tokens will be rewarded to users through play, however unlike existing currencies $METANIA will be scarce and tradeable. True digital ownership is an important foundation, but to truly change the way games are viewed, it needs to be paired with a sustainable Play to Earn system. $METANIA tokens are the key to unlocking this, providing the basis for an economy that will empower players to earn through play, creating a continued demand for the token, and growing Metania games by attracting more and more users.
The token is created, issued, and distributed by Metaniagames Corporation and will have multiple applications that will make it an essential part of the game’s Play to Earn ecosystem.