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The beginning of the story.

It is a 3-stage game adventure consisting of 1 main character and 6 characters in total. Our main character Vega tells the adventure of other characters Capella, Rigel, Castor, Mirach, Alphard. In this adventure that started with Vega, they act shoulder to shoulder against the difficulties that come their way. There are missions and stages to go through for these challenges. In order to start a new life under the leadership of Vega, we will closely follow their difficult process together. Stories will be constantly updated and take their place on the history pages. You can follow it at Our games will be published in parallel with the story adventure and will consist of 3 stages. With in-game purchases, you can upgrade your character in the game and share a enjoyful time with your friends. Our story will continue. Don't forget to follow our NiaPlay community on discord.