Metania MarketPlace consists of 3 categories as the first stage.

PS: There will be categories to be added and separated later.

• Land NFT
• Game NFT
• Card NFT
Land NFT
Land NFT is the category in which the regions to be sold on the designed map are displayed. This category is offered for sale with a limited number. The Land NFTs you have purchased will be integrated into the universe that will come out with the next update, with your Metamask and similar wallets, and will allow you to make transactions, set up structures, and get acquainted with them in the field. For more information about this collection; Visit the Map section.
Game NFT
Game NFT is the NFT collection section that will be on sale, where the characters and inventories of our games released under the Play title are created. The purchases you have made in this section will provide an advantage in terms of both level and power over the game story in the future. For more information about this collection; Visit the Play section.
Card NFT
Card NFT is the designs that our designers have designed, each more beautiful than the other, pushing the limits of creativity that have meaning for the present, the past and the future. These designs will be used as billboards etc. in the universes to be established. situations will be used.

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