Business Model
METANIA business model is based on several key phases, the completion of which will allow us to create an interactive, METAVERSE and VR platform for users to find, create, experience and trade VR content. METANIA business model consists of the following elements:
A token sale campaign was launched with selected partnerships to provide users with the opportunity to purchase $METANIA BEP-20 utility tokens. $METANIA provides access to the platform, can be traded on public exchanges, and used for peer-to-peer transactions between users on the public Binance smart chain blockchain.
The METANIA decentralized marketplace is developed within the Ethereum Consortium blockchain. This solution creates a direct connection between the buyer and seller, reducing fees and increasing transaction speed. In the NetVRk marketplace, users will be able to create their own worlds, universes and/or VR content easily and interact securely in a virtual reality environment. They will also be able to trade or lease using smart contracts in the decentralized environment.
VR content created and advertised in the virtual reality world belongs to the creators and the related data is stored in the hash value in the immutable token standard (ERC721). ERC721 tokens represent item ownership and can be freely sold or rented to transfer ownership rights to another person or business.
METANIA has designed a series of incentives to make their experience even more attractive for all platform participants. Users will be rewarded with $METANIA incentives for user engagement for a portion of the deduction at the time of purchase and all activities on the platform, with the ability to spend their rewards on products or services or cash out their rewards through a cashback model.
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